AUGUST 12 - 17, 2024


Pageant Courts & History

Left to Right: Brinley Luh, Diana Carbajal Moreno, Princess-Sadie McElwain, Queen - Isabella Blood, Queen Alternate - Seanna Stringer, Princess Alternate - Alyssa Pritchard, Sariah Luh


Royalty History

Prior to 1979, the Fair Queen was called “Miss Palmyra Fair, Wayne County 4-H Fair Queen”; today, “Wayne County Fair Queen”. In 1979, Dorothy & Leonard Miller approached the Fair Board of directors to ask permission to have our own pageant, it was approved and the Wayne County Fair Royalty Pageant was initiated.

Wayne County Fair QUEEN’s & PRINCESS’s from 1976


Year Queen Princess
2024 Isabella Blood Sadie McElwain
2023 Tori Ferguson Mackenzie McDaniels
2022 Audrey Erwin Tori Ferguson
2019 Tayler McDonald Marisa Currington
2018 Jennifer Evans Maria Flores
2017 Sylvia DeMarree-Kuhl Jennifer Evans
2016 Molly St. Thomas Alisa Shepherd
2015 Alisa Abrams Samantha Ruiz
2014 Amy Burlee Alexis Lancaster
2013 Ciera Lancaster-Garrett Bailey Cole
2012 Savannah Houck Molly St. Thomas
2011 Mackenzie Wilson Sarah Looney
2010 Katrina Fedczuk Alissa Kate Frazer
2009 Kendall Main Calley Shurgot
2008 Leah Paschke Courtney Hill
2007 Heather Mackey Katrina Fedczuk
2006 Blaire Bebernitz Jordan Retan
2005 Missiy Allison Seana Sharpstene-Caine
2004 Kailee Spencer Amanda Sudore
2003 Elizabeth Moll-D’Ettore Laura Bennett
2002 Brandy Pollot Aubrey Young
2001 Jessica Bryant-Serrett Jennifer Flye-York
2000 Lauren Seuffert-Szklany Hannah Joy Lawliss
1999 Erica Lonis Kelly Jo Flye-Gursslin
1998 Nicole Rush Lauren Seuffert-Szklany
1997 Danielle Farkas Cairy Norman
1996 Kym Morris Allison Tome
1995 Kristen Hastins Sarah Walker
1994 Melissa Ryan Danielle Farkas
1993 Kristin Jayne-Vanderwege Hillary Richards-Richmond
1992 Gigi Frazer Beth Farkas
1991 Anthea Trombley Erika Tietz
1990 Corrie Nixon N/A
1989 Jennifer Seeley-–Wehrmaker Jennifer Santmeyer-Baldwin
1988 Melissa Bauer Safford N/A
1987 Bonnie Whelan N/A
1986 Cheryl Wideman N/A
1985 Katherine Malach N/A
1984 Marnie Plyter – Robel N/A
1983 Susan Noto-DeVires N/A
1982 Ambre Emory N/A
1981 Kathy Ann Wilbor Cooper N/A
1980 Laurie Crosby N/A
1979 Kim Austin N/A
1978 Debbie Bliek-Chelini N/A
1977 Pamela Martin-Ferranti N/A
1976 Lisa Spiegel N/A
1955 Marjorie Furman N/A

Here are a of our beautiful representatives from the past years, if you have any pictures of past please share with us at  Thank you for everything you did and do for the Wayne County Fair.


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